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Bring your inspiration photos and ideas and we will work with you and your budget without compromising on your vision. 
Lets meet and make sure we have everything covered and the way that you imagine. Our consultation process makes sure nothing is overlooked.

We can help you each step of the way.

We are inspired by your individual love story and our imagination is not limited!

According to google the average time in hours spent planning a wedding is 250 hours!

Pinterest, research, phone calls, appointments, decisions, fittings, seating plans, run sheets, payments, budgets, people wrangling and SO much more...Sometimes it might be difficult to imagine relaxing and enjoying your day.

That's where we come in, let us help you plan your perfect flowers and cross that one of the list.

We want all our couples to have the beautiful wedding flowers they have always dreamed of without breaking the budget. Weather you want a "simple as possible" or "I want my guests to be blown away", we can make that happen!

We have a network of local Mudgee suppliers that we work with and love who are always happy to help. Our team will make sure we have everything detail covered and ticked off. From the small special touches to hanging installations.

Our consultation process makes sure nothing is overlooked.  

Weddings are Special Days

It takes as long as it takes to plan a wedding.

We will meet with you both for as many times until we all feel we have the brief correct and nothing is overlooked.

We only book one wedding per day to ensure our couples have our exclusive attention.

Weather you choose from our wedding packages or a full bespoke design, we are on your team.

Exciting times ahead!


Its in the fine details

There is a lot of things that may easily slip your mind while planning your wedding. Did we mention the 250 hours!

Special touches like button holes for parents, throw away bouquets and the flower girls posys – let us get everything  covered, that way you can feel at ease and enjoy your day.

We understand and love those individual inclusions - Your Grandmother brooch, lace from your mothers gown, a photo of someone you wish could be with you, roses from your garden or anything else that adds your personal touch to your day. We want you to look back on your day and smile knowing that it was "your way".

Wedding Packages

We have two options and we are more than happy to talk you through each one while you decide what works best for you.

Option One - Our Wedding Package: 

Flowers are fresh and seasonal. You choose the colour scheme. We choose the flowers. Included for you is:

1 Bridal Bouquet (medium round shape)
1 Grooms Button Hole to match the Bride
1 Bridesmaid Bouquet to match the Bride 
1 Groomsman Button Hole to match groom
Toss Bouquet or Cake Flowers your choice
Delivery to two venues 


*Please note this does not include native flowers as some months are slim pickings! It's great working with mother nature but sometimes she just doesn't deliver the goods when you want them. We can advise you and quote for native flowers based on your wedding date.

Make it Unique

Because we understand that weddings and families come in all different shapes we have designed a wedding package were you can choose what works for you. Just add what you need from our mix, match and add menu.

If you would like something not included here just talk to us. Its not "set in concrete". We are always happy to adapt our package if your wedding party includes two brides or two grooms.

Mix, Match and Add

Personalise your package. Just 'add on' what you need.

*You choose the colour we choose the flowers. 

Bridesmaid bouquet $85.00
Button hole  $25.00
Wrist corsage  $55.00
Corsage pin  $45.00
Flower girl posy  $50.00
Full flower crown adult  $88.00
Half flower crown adult $58.00
1/4 flower crown adult $38.00
Full flower crown child $ 78.00
Half flower crown child  $48.00
1/4 flower crown child $ 30.00

Option Two: Bespoke Package

Let us look at your inspiration photos, talk with you about your day and then design a custom quote for you.

We will give you suggestions, look at flowers in season and and your venue.

If you need something that’s not on the list, simply tell us what you want or send through a picture or photo of what you're are daydreaming about and we’ll provide you with a quote as soon as possible.

It often takes more then one quote, but thats ok, we want to make sure its perfect!

Our Wedding Guide

This is a list of Wedding blooms and a price range from, which may help with your planning. 

Of course the prices will vary depending on flowers in season and choice, however, this is a great place to start.

Dates are booked and confirmed with a non refundable 20% deposit.

The Important People

Bridal Bouquet from - $165.00
Bridesmaid bouquet from - $85.00
Button hole from  - $20.00
Toss bouquet from - $60.00
Wrist corsage from- $50.00
Corsage pin from - $45.00
Flower girl posy from - $50.00
Flower girl basket or circle wreath from - $50.00
Full flower crown adult  from - $88.00
Half flower crown adult from - $58.00
1/4 flower crown adult from - $38.00
Full flower crown child from - $ 78.00
Half flower crown child from - $48.00
1/4 flower crown child from - $ 30.00

Your Ceremony - We Do

Pew or chair flowers -  from $15.00 
Rose petals from -$25.00 
Welcome sign Flowers - from $65.00
Arbour installation from - $150.00
Installations suspended or freestanding - POA

Your Reception - Lets Party

Posy jars from - $25.00 
Vases including hire  from - $40.00 
Medium arrangements from - $55.00
Large arrangements from - $80.00
Bouquet boxes from - $55.00
Cake toppers from $65.00
Installations and full decorating - POA

That's All Folks...


Get in touch and let's make Wedding magic together!