About Us

A little bit about us..

Mudgee Monkey was born out of our love of giving gifts.

To us, the fun of giving someone a pressy never gets old. So, after many years in retail, marketing and being a human, we decided to provide a service that takes some of the effort out of finding, buying and sending a gift to whomever you please. Be it a corporate thank you, Birthday celebrations or just a token of love, Mudgee Monkey is here to help.

As you can imagine, with any venture such as this, quality is the key. Quality gifts and flowers, quality service (and we take that seriously) and quality fun for everybody. As the shop develops, you will see more and more great items available. The aim is to have all the main yearly events covered - Valentine's Day, Easter, Mothers Day, Fathers Day and even Christmas. Then as we find other awesome bits and bobs we can't wait to share, we'll make them available on our shop for all those other events in your life - Birthdays, births (we love babies), anniversaries or even 'Get Well Soon' thoughts.

Anyway, enough gas bagging, you want to shop....Enjoy our shop and we look forward to helping you put a smile on the dial of someone in your life.