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10 things to consider before booking your Mudgee Wedding Venue

There’s certainly plenty of things to think about when planning your Mudgee wedding, there’s the date, you guestlist, the dress and lots of big decisions like who will make up your wedding party, such as your bridesmaids and best men.

However, one decision that you absolutely should not underestimate is picking your wedding venue.

Your wedding may be the biggest party you ever
throw, so you want to get it right. The venue is one of the key choices you will make.
It's the base for your day, the backdrop for your wedding photographs and the place in which memories of a lifetime will be created. 

So, how do you make sure that you get this important decision right?

Here are some ideas to think about when considering your Mudgee wedding venue choice.

*Number of guests- How many guests does the venue recommend? Will it fit with your guestlist? When do they require final numbers?

*Budget - Determine what percentage of your wedding budget will be allocated for the venue are there extra charges? When is a deposit and final payment due?

*Inclusions -What is already available at the venue and what if any do you need to hire in?

Are you having children on your guestlist? What provisions are made for small guests?

Parking? Can cars be left overnight?

*Vibe - boho, rustic, modern, elegant, classic does your vision fit within the venue? What are the venues policies about decoration and bumping out?

*Flexibility - be clear about how flexible the venue is compared to your needs e.g. disability access, byo drinks, pet friendly, catering, live music, petal toss, noise limits , closing time, ceremony location,wet weather alternatives for both the ceremony and reception...just to name a few.

*Accommodation and transport - can guests stay onsite or closeby? What transport is available to and from accommodation?

* Storage, security and logistics - can you use your own decorations, when can you bring them, how will they be stored and when you they need to be removed?

* Access - which parts of the venue are included in the hire, how long is access for? Perhaps a recovery breakfast?

* Contract,insurance, deposits, balance due?

* What dates are available and what is required to book in?

Some of our favorite Mudgee Wedding Venues