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About Jennifer + Tom's Wedding

A very happy family wedding for Jennifer + Tom at The vinegrove Mudgee. 32 hours before we found ourselves in lockdown.

A very fitting quote from Harry Potter come to mind......

Harry Potter "Seems silly doesn't it? A wedding, given everything that's going

Ginny Weasley, "Maybe that's the reason to have it, because of everything that's going on!"-

Thanks Ginny we could agree more!!

A family focused wedding full of little people and love with stunning photos by Nikki Burke.

The wedding arbour was inspired by the love poem ' the never ending circle of love' a favourite of the couple.

We featured twisted willow, exquisite pink and coral blooms. We injected some fun by adding pale green 'monkey balls' that were the exact colour of the 'clapping tree' that the arbour stood next to.

Jen wanted all different bouquets for her maids and requested no 'matchy-matchy'

For the reception we created 42 different arrangements in rose gold pots to add to the decor in the Vinegrove marquee with a gorgeous hanging garland cascading from the roof.

If we had know we would be locked in our homes for many moments after this weekend I don't believe we could have partied more.

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Mudgee Vendors for this Happy Day

Bianca + Lochie

Set in the grounds os Mudgee's own country gardens Evanslea.

The arbour sat on the river bank with a champagne station for after vow toasting.

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