Home Styling

Whether you have your home on the market, are planning a fabulous party OR would love a weekly change of fresh flowers.

We can help.

We can work together for a fresh floral style to suit your home. We will consider your deco, your lifestyle and your budget.

Our consultation is no obligation and at zero cost.

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We Come To You

We are the florist on your door step.

We don't need to close the shop or come after-hours as we are fully mobile.

We are happy to meet with you at your home, toss around ideas, discuss your needs and budget.

One week, one month, one year. The choice is yours.

We do all the work

We will select your flowers and can arrange them in one of our loan vases, from Vintage Waterford Crystal to Modern Concrete, we have a selection.

You will receive a guide to keeping them looking their best and a list of what flowers we have included in case someone asks!

We  deliver to you at a prearranged time and can arrive to collect them with a fresh bunch if you like.

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All Budgets Welcome

Why not treat yourself to some blooms to brighten you home and mood. Its scientifically proven to be good for your health.

The boring bits:

- Vase deposit is required but we understand accidents happen.
- Deliveries start from $30 and are paid in advance.
- Cancel up to 3 days before due delivery.